Need for strong national health systems for pandemic preparedness.

Image Data transparency and political sensitivity are two of the most critical challenges to effective global cooperation on the COVID-19 outbreak, and they are deeply entwined. Data transparency is the key to building much-needed trust, and preventing the misallocation of resources, which could slow down the response. Some countries in Asia, where China holds significant economic and political influence, face a difficult task in balancing effective disease response with the political sensitivity necessary for a successful, cooperative, global response. The best way to counter misinformation in t... Read More

Hospital Surface Disinfection: Challenges and Management

Image The healthcare setting is predisposed to harbor potential pathogens, which in turn can pose a great risk to patients. Routine cleaning of the patient environment is critical to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). It has been estimated that 30–40% of HAIs are caused by the contamination of healthcare worker hands. Hands are contaminated either from contact with infected or colonized patients, or with thei... Read More