Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Ethnic Old Age Group


Recent abstract published in Integrative Journal of Global Health by Md Mamun Hossain, Jatiyo Protibondhi Unnayan Foundation, Bangladesh

Senior citizens are increasing in Bangladesh, denoted by the increased life expectancy of the population. So it is the high time to take necessary and relevant measures for their wellbeing. In order to take any welfare measure, it is required to find out their health status particularly musculoskeletal condition. The study focuses on the musculoskeletal problems among senior ethnic citizen residing in Rangamati district. A cross sectional comparative study was conducted. The subjects were selected conveniently and conducted among 230 senior citizens living with family or alone. A well designed semi-structured standard questionnaire was used to collect required data from the study subjects. Average age of the respondents was 66.78±6.09 years. Most of the respondents were illiterate and primary level education completed. Mean monthly family income among them was 32913.04±21918.18 BDT. About 80.40% subjects suffered from musculoskeletal problems and 19.60% did not. Back pain and knee pain was prominent i.e. 35.70% and 34.60%. Neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain and heel pain were seen among 13%, 7.60%, 2.70% and 3.80% respondents. No statistically significant association was found between age group, gender and musculoskeletal problem.

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